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Giannina Galleres

We make you want to dance...right now!

Welcome To Freespirit Pole Dance

Pole dancing is a complete body workout. Even at beginner level, the moves are dynamic and engage multiple muscles at once. During your training you will increase strength, improve coordination, build muscle, tone your abdominals, strengthen your lower back, burn fat and release endorphins.

The exercises are especially designed for each level and you will see progress from the very first class. You do not need to be sporty, strong, slim or young to start this beautiful sport, you just need to try and discover this magic world. Free Spirit has students of all ages, from 14 to 65 years old. there is no age to start, We have classes for everyone.

Giannina Galleres
Giannina Galleres

Founder of Freespirit

We make you want to dance...right now!


Our mission at Free Spirit is to help you show the world you can achieve everything you set your mind to. Everything is in our mind, it is within ourseleve to choose our best wellbeing, and strengthen our body, mind and soul.

Your body is capable of doing things you never imagined you could do, your age, your background are of no importance, you can start anytime and transform your life.

Our objective is to make our students feel strong and powerful, inside and outside. Free Spirit also want to show the world that pole dancing is a truly complete sport. At the beginning, many of the movements may seem impossible to achieve, but once you start and once you see your continuous progress, once you realise what your body is capable to do, you will never stop.


At Free Spirit Pole Dance, we focus on creating a beautiful and friendly community that values progression, We want our students to enjoy the journey from the first class, and feel confident with themselves. We are a community who support each other, everybody has different skills and each student is aware of how to help their peer. We work in harmony and for the joy of the whole group.


We make you want to dance...right now!


Our founder, Giannina Galleres Di Gianvito has been working as an international tax lawyer for 17 years in 3 different countries, Peru, Spain and England. During the pregnancy of my second baby, my husband and I moved to Geneva, Switzerland and I had to stop to working. Once the baby joined the nursery, I started to look for a part time job as a lawyer in Geneva, unfortunately it was impossible to find one allowing to balance my professional life and my family. With a husband travelling every week, it was not an option to take a full time job.

One day, a good friend from Geneva gifted me a free pole Dance class for my 41st birthday. That day, my life changed forever.

I remember very clearly my first pole dance class, had to remain very focused and I found it very challenging, so it caught my attention. After that I decided to take classes twice a week, and after 3 months I was taking classes 3 times a week, plus training by myself everyday. 7 months later I met the 2018 World Pole Dance Champion title-holder in Dubai and that day changed my life as well. With her I discovered the importance of working on your flexibility and body mobility to progress in Pole Dance.

During this process, I realised that pole dancing is really a complete sport and requires dedication, perseverance, hard work and passion to be able to practice it at high level. And this is what I decided to do.

After close to two years of daily hard training and after being trained by the best of the best (Thalia Valtierra -International World Pole Champion, Slava Ruza - World Champion Pole Sport, Tara Meyer - 9 times World Pole Champion, Tracy Ecclestone - IPDFA President, Celine Vanderaiser - Pole Champion in Australia), I decided to open my little studio and show the world that everybody can start from Zero, without any sport background, and get very far. This is how Free Spirit started and this is the essence of our studio. Everybody can be as strong and powerful as they decided to be, and you can do this in a beautiful and peaceful environment, full of joy and harmony. Our aim is that each student comes to the class and forgets about their life's troubles, and simply enjoys flying around the pole, the most peaceful and strong sensation you can have.